Laminate Wood Flooring For Dummies

If you’ve always wondered how laminate wood flooring is different from wood, you have come to the right place. It’s natural to wonder as they look similar superficially but are different on the inside. They are made by fusing many different layers to produce an effect similar to wood. The top layer is a clear, scratch and stain resistant layer made of aluminium oxide or melamine. This is also UV resistant and is a very durable layer.

The second layer is a photographic paper that simulates the look of wood or even artwork with a high quality printed image.

The third layer is a compressed layer made of either medium density or high density fiberboard (MDF or HDF) and resin forming the core support for the flooring. The fourth layer is usually a moisture-resistant and stabilising layer that sits on the actual floor. Laminates are popular due to their lower costs and easy maintenance when compared to wood.